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Our Products

Our Product Range

VP Range of Products

Our range of products is effective for the control of insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bed bugs, ticks, midgets and other biting insects.  Various applications assist in the prevention of Insect Borne Diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever and Zika Virus to name but a few. Applications are on fabrics and clothing, walls and hard surfaces as well as paint.

Insect Protected Refuse Bags

Insect Repellent Black refuse bags assist in effective control in households and landfill areas and ensures the restriction of bacterial breeding and odour control of garbage and refuse. Repelling of flies, mosquitoes, midgets, sand-flies and killing maggots upon contact.

Sani Hands Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitisers

Sani-Hands in either the Touch Free Dispenser or handy 50ml Spray Bottles.  This medical strength product is used in hospitals, banks, money centres, restaurant kitchens and hotels and kills 99.9{0c98cf4e489dce6b16bc770c31d4f37dd9119e268b25db016ba33e4696eb4b50} of all germs without drying your skin.


DryBath Waterless Body Wash

DryBath® Gel is an innovative gel that can be used as a Water-less body Wash. DryBath® cleans your body by using the skin-rubbing motion of your hands to gently remove dead skin cells & full-body odour.

Medical Disposables and Consumables

Imperial Crown Trading offers a wide variety of medical disposables and consumables. Most of the consumables and disposables can be branded for your business if you are a wholesaler or retailer or we can supply under the Manufacture Brand Names.

Natural Balance

Natural Balance is used for the collective management of pain through alternative natural medication.  The products are made from a combination of the finest quality essential oils and herbal extracts in a silky smooth water soluble hydrogel.

Superthene Plus Food Wrap

Superthene is a polyethylene based product and handles very differently to PVC.  A wrap offering anti-microbial properties for extended shelf-life, suitable for a wide range of foodstuffs, an eco-friendly and cost effective option to protect and store food.