Sani Hands


Instant Touch Free Hand Sanitation


No More Germs!!

Research has shown that 80% of all infectious diseases are spread by hand contact – protect yourself, your staff or patients by having Sani-Hands in either the Touch Free Dispenser or handy 50ml Spray Bottles available in the work place or with you all the time.


After touching items such as Door Handles, Money, Hand Rails, Public Toilet Facilities or after being in contact with illness or wounds

PRODUCT INFOTouch Free Dispensers can be wall mounted and is lockable with closed circuit one litre refill bags Dispensers can also be used for dispensing Anti-Bacterial Soap The product is Medical Strength as used in Hospitals

Kills 99.9% of all germs Moisturises No water required, simply spray on hands and rub until dry No towels required


Sani-Hands is proudly South African and are manufactured, tested and packaged in accordance with ISO 22716 (the highest Cosmetic Accreditation for this type of product and ensures the efficacy and the safety of the products.  Sani-Hands is the only disinfectant that has this accreditation in South Africa

ISO9001, ISO/IEC, 17025:2005, HACCP, WHO GMP, Member of CTFA

The Muslim Judicial Council Fatwa has ruled the use of Sani-Hands Touch Free Products as a hand sanitizer permissible.