Vital Protection

Vital Protection



Malaria Prevention / Insect Repellency

Our product is a registered product in SA (L8869) which is a textile application for insect repellency. When applied, it results in the textile taking on highly effective insect repellant, anti bacterial, and anti microbial qualities, in one. (Health, Hygiene and Insect Repellant) In order to obtain said registration, data and tests had to be provided to the relevant government dept, substantiating all the claims in terms of efficacy and safety.


Our anti-insect products is applied, and is available from us in different applications:

Industrial: It can be applied in various factories and industries like clothing, linen, tenting, socks, luggage, mosquito nets, government tenders, floor care etc, etc. We already have some traction at various factories, and result in those factories having substantial competitive edge against their competitors in their respective industries. Many options are open for development and we have for instance successfully added VP to the substance that waste bags are manufactured from!


Consumer Goods: (3 Products)

AM-1: Soak and Dry: A product in a 20 ml sachet that is added to 2 liters of water, so that 1 kg of clothing/textile can be treated .

AM-2: Spray on: A product in 100ml, a 200ml, 1 liter, 5 liter and 25 liter containers, that is applied as a spray-on to whatever textile surface is required.

AM-3: Paint Additive: A revolutionary paint additive where 20ml of VP is added to 5 liters of paint, so that surfaces painted, provides all the qualities offered by the products


These products, and the quantities packaged, can be customized to specific customer requirements should the quantities supplied warrants it.