Yung Skin / Earth Skin

Earth Skin


Face cream properties:

-         anti-ageing, moisturising cream which assists in addressing skin blemishes

-         contains ‘vanishing’ properties

-         contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps skin to retain and maintain elasticity and moisture, as well as significant reduction of wrinkle-depth


Serum cream properties:


-         vitamin-enriched

-         deep-moisturising (higher percentage Hyaluronic Acid) for extra efficacy

-         anti-ageing


Face Wash and Toner both contain properties to protect and enhance the skin


The Earth Skin range was especially formulated for the African skin by an ISO-accredited (cosmetic) manufacturer and products contain no harmful chemicals or petro-chemical ingredients.


Leading skincare products in African market segment were used as benchmark and we believe the Earth Skin range is at least equal to- and/or superior to many skincare products in this sector.


The Earth Skin range represents honest-, ethical- and quality products, designed in the best interest of the consumer. It offers the consumer an excellent value for money proposition.